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USA Zoos
By Jerrold VanNocker
Have you visited a Zoo lately?

In these times of higher travel cost the local zoo might just be the respite you need from that busy life.  A few years back we moved to a house not far from the local zoo.  Thinking it would be a good to support the local commuinty and also a place to get some walking in, I picked up a couple of annual passes to the Zoo.

There is excitment in the air.
I do not know why it is but in minutes of arriving at the Zoo my body starts to relax.  Even before seeing the first animal a calming occurs, it has something to do with walking the pathway, the sound of other visitors and the trees over head. When I go to the local Zoo I feel like I am on vacation.

Photograph to the left is the East African Crowned Craine, this photograph was taken at the Binder Park Zoo

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Modern Zoos show off their animals in natural settings

Zoos are for those that are 5 to 85.

With our Zoo annual passes I can take two guests.  While it appears not everyone shares my enthusiasm for the Zoo. those I talk in to attending seem to enjoy the restfulness of the experience. As the kids are engrossed in the animals the Grandparents will say things like “since the grandkids came to visit this is the first time I have felt relaxed”. With out kids, we adults get to take a leisurely walk, exchanging light conversation while we watch the zebras graze in natural surroundings. Not to mention all the photo opportunities.

I know what some of you are thinking.
About now, some of you reading this are probably thinking, “I have been to the Zoo it was hot, crowded and I left the zoo worn out and tired!".  Yah, I have been to Zoos like that too.  Too much hot pavement, hardly any shade: spending a whole day trying to cover the grounds and still not seeing all the animals. But, there are some world-class habitat zoos in the nation that are not super sized and I happen to live next to one.

Zoo Resources:
Binder Park Zoo (my page)
Detroit Zoo

Read about the zoo near my house; Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek.

The photos on this page were taken at the Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, Michigan.

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