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Things to do when you are not at the Kalamazoo Rock and Mineral Show

by Jerrold VanNocker


If you are a rock & mineral enthusiast and live with in a day's drive of Kalamazoo you will want to attend the Kalamazoo Rock and Mineral Show. If you are making a long drive to the show, why not hit a few rock shops on the way and book a couple of nights in the area?

As I can, I will add area attractions that you may want to explore before or after the show.  I have also included a few area rock shops you can visit.

First the rock shops:

Approaching Kalamazoo from Chicago there are two rock shops worth a visit.

Near Warren Dunes State Park in Bridgman, MI  is Peacock Rocks: Peacock Rocks opened this store in the fall of 2016. Good selection of rocks, minerals and fossils. It is located in a small plaza at 9796 Red Arrow Hwy, Bridgman (near an I-94 ramp). Peacock Rocks is also a dealer at the Kalamazoo Rock & Mineral Show.

About 30 min. west of Kalamazoo in Paw Paw, MI is GeoScape Rock Shop at 37111 Red Arrow Hwy (a few miles off I-94). Eric and Ann have been rock dealers for a number of years Their shop has been expanding for a couple of years now.  I have personal visited this store, it is well worth the visit.

GeoScape Rock Shop also will have a booth at the Kalamazoo Rock and Mineral Show.

On I-94 approaching Kalamazoo from the east you will not want to miss a stop at Grants Antiques in Galesburg. They are only a 12 minute drive from the Kalamazoo Rock and Mineral Show. Situated a little ways in to this antique mall you will discover a gem of a rock shop (Rockhound Rock Shop) . Located at 33 W. Michigan Ave. in Galesburg, MI. Grants Antiques have been a super supporter of the Kalamazoo Rock and Mineral Society but will not have a booth at the show. https://www.rockhoundrocks.

Some area attractions worth a visit:

The Gilmore Car Museum

Located less than a half hour away from downtown Kalamazoo and only 15 miles from the Kalamazoo Expo Center (location of the Rock & Mineral Show) is the largest Auto Museum in North America. Eat in a classic Diner from the 1940's and explore the history and  engineering of transportation on four wheels. The casually interested will spend 3-4 hours here, the vintage car enthusiast can spend days.

Binder Park Zoo

30 minutes East of Kalamazoo is the Binder Park Zoo. located a short dirve south of I-94, the Bider Park Zoo is a world class zoo that does not over stress the visitor. This is not the National or Toronto Zoo, do not think big, think modern and manageable, a great place to spend 3-5 hours with the family.

Kalamazoo Air Zoo and Aerospace & Science Experience

The link above will take you to the Air Zoo's website. Situated only 15 minutes from the Kalamazoo Expo Center, the Air Zoo is another family friendly site to include during your visit to the Rock & Mineral Show.