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Green Travel – Posing the Question
By Jerrold VanNocker
How to travel and still not poison our world? That is the question. But, what is the answer?

When Allison and I started to explore an RV option for traveling the USA, the gas cost and environmental impact of these rigs nagged at me. Could I, in good conscious, drive one of these RV’s down the road?  I do not have an answer to this question yet.   We have not made a decision on buying an RV. For now, we will explore the use of, off-season, discounted, time shares for or travels. We want to talk to RVer’s, get their thoughts on the practicalities of the RV life style.  Perhaps RV travel can be a very good Green option for travel. An RV outfitted with solar panels certainly would be greener than RVs with out them.   I have always heard RV life can be highly cost efficient, the constraints of living in a small space lends itself to high efficiency and low consumption.

There is no clear-cut definition for Green Travel. Some people see green travel as hiking and camping. Others talk about “sustainable”; the idea of preserving eco-systems and economically supporting the local people. Then there are others that see Green Travel as reducing their “carbon footprint” on the world.  In this column, I will focus, mostly, on how to reduce our carbon emissions and hopefully, save a few pennies in the process.


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