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Many old train stations in the USA have been converted to restaurants or in to office space. The red sandstone train station in Battle Creek, Michigan is now a nice restaurant.

Traveling by Train in the USA
An introduction to the column
By Jerrold VanNocker

In the past ten years I have taken around 15 train rides, all of them in Europe. I love train travel, particularly the high speed trains of Europe.

The last time I was on a USA train was around 15 years ago. I took the Amtrak train from Battle Creek to Chicago. As I recall, the seats in the passenger car were old, some repair had been made with tape, most of the seats were empty and the ride was slow. While the experience was not bad, I did not feel compelled to take the train on my next trip to Chicago.

Fifteen years later I hear USA train travel has become the rage again, mostly due to the high cost of fuel and environmental consciousness of car travel. I understand modern cars have replaced the tired out passenger train cars of the past.

As Allison and I start planning our USA travel it seemed only natural to test the USA train system again. I have a number of thoughts for train articles, a few of these thoughts may even turn in to feature articles for the Traveling In The USA website.


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