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Museums with Rocks & Minerals

My links to info on Museums in the USA and Canada that have good displays on Geology


Rock and Mineral Resources

Educatonal Resources for learning and finding

Rock & Minerals 101

As I stumble on rock and mineral websites with educational content I will include their links here.


Mineral Aqusition catagories - specimen grade to World Class

I try to define how a mineral fits in to a particular acquisition category. These are my created definitions based on my experience, others might see it differently.


Rock and Mineral Stores in Michigan

In the1970’s and 80’s Rock and Mineral Shops dotted the country. Today you might stumble across a Metaphysical Shop selling minerals but they come no where close to providing the selection provided by the old rock shops of the past.  Here is my list of Michigan Rock Shops that you might find enjoyable. Several new shops have popped up in the past few years.

Rock & Mineral Stores Michigan's upper peninsula

My list of Rock Shops in Michigan's upper penoinsula


Field Collecting Rocks, Fossils & Minerals in Michigan

My links to Michigan field collecting stories will give you ideas on where to collect and what you might find.