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Feldspar is  a group of minerals but some consider the Feldspars as varieties of a single mineral species.


Collectable Minerals

Minerals Commonly acquired by Collectors


At one time known as celestite, Celestine is now the official name for this strontium sulfate (SrSO4)...


Technically, Apophyllite is not a mineral but refers to a group of minerals. For simplification sake, most books will refer to Apophyllite as if it is a mineral.



A gem material, Beryls come in a variety of colors. All the Beryls shown on this page fall in the category of Aquamarine.

This is not intended to be an all encompassing list of collectable minerals.

More minerals added all the time.   

Information provided is target to the general public. I am trying to be informative with out being too technical.


Pyrite's gold coloring has given it the title of fools-gold.


Apatite (composed of a group of three minerals difficult to distinguish from each other - Ca10(PO4)6(OH, F, Cl, Br)2)


Fluorite, sometimes referred to as Fluorspar, can be found in a range of colors.


A rather uncommon mineral, Vanandinite forms primarily due to the oxidation of lead ore minerals.


Galena crystals are striking. Often seen as metallic cubes, sometimes as octahedrons


Calcite is a highly collected mineral but it must be handled with some care. Relatively soft, it is possible to scratch Calcite with a fingernail.