Why a Pre-issue Issue of Traveling In The USA
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Pre-issue Issue
Why a Pre-issue Issue of Traveling In the USA?

It gives us time to:

  1. To get feedback as we work on the design elements of the magazine.
  2. Find quality travel writers and allows us to pre-show our magazine format idea to them.
  3. Solicit the help of fellow travelers; this is your chance to send your travel stories and tips. Read the Travel Writers Wanted page.
  4. Start the process of search engine submission and directory placement.  We are spending money here and it sure would be nice to have readers for the Premiere Issue

The Premiere issue of Traveling In The USA should be published, on-line, in the Spring of 2009. We are writing travel related content and soliciting articles for the magazine. We hope to publish 4-6 issues of the magazine per year but without your help it may be less.

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