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Traveling In The USA is owned and operated by Jerrold's Travel Guides, LLC. Michigan, USA.

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Jerrold's Travel Guides, LLC officials

President - Jerrold VanNocker

Vice President - Allison VanNocker

We are a couple that enjoy learning about and visiting new places. Neither of us are travel agents and the only travel related work we have ever done is our work on Jerrold's Travel Guides, LLC.

We do not consider ourselves experts on travel but we do enjoy sharing our experiences.

Jerrold never has been accused of being a great writer, people do seem to enjoy his photographs. The arts and photography have been interests of Jerrold's since childhood, as is his interest in history, geology and architecture. He sees his central characteristic as that of an explorer.

Allison traveled extensively in Europe and eastern Europe during the 1970's.  In 2008 she retired from her job of 24 years. She enjoys traveling and unlike Jerrold she has strong language skills.

The travel websites started in 1999. Upon returning from a trip to Spain Jerrold started the Traveling In Spain website as a way to teach himself website design and to share some of his travel photos/experiences. As time went on, Jerrold spent more time on website content and less time learning proper website design.

In 2003, we established the Limited Liability Company, Jerrold's Travel Guides, LLC with the hope of developing additional country guides to complement

Please note - I allowed the domain to expirer in July of 2018. I have no relationship with the current

Our goal for the websites has evolved over time. I can not devote the effort to keep the travel websites up to date. Today (2018), I am in the process of eliminating a number of the websites, keeping and possibly a few other travel sites active for a few more years.

Maybe I should explain that the Rock and Mineral website is hosted by Jerrold’s Travel Guides, LLC; on the website.  As the President of Jerrold’s Travel Guides, LLC it just seems appropriate to place the Mineral website on the USA travel site .  I have done all my mineral collecting in the USA and never overseas. (Ahh, if only unlimited, free, luggage transport was an option with the Airlines.) By placing this mineral site on an existing website I do not incur additional hosting cost.

I use the the Rock and Mineral site as my personal learning tool and as a way to view the photos of minerals I have taken during my travels. As indicated on the Home page; I am learning, I am no expert!  I write down what I have studied in a hope some of the info will stick in my brain. As I am learning; what I write might be wrong or incomplete.

A note about photos - the mineral specimens shown in the photos were photographed by me; please see the copyright notice. The mineral specimens are from personal collections, museums, rock shows and any place else I stumbled across that will let me photograph their minerals.

Feel free to e-mail me to comment, correct my misinterpretation of mineral facts, etc.  Please do not ask me to identify a mineral for you or ask about mineral collecting sites, I can not help you with these.

My interest in rocks and minerals started in my youth.  Growing up in a rural setting in lower Michigan does not provide you with much rock collecting opportunity; except for what you find among the sand, gravel and stone piles of the cow pastures.  When i got older and was allowed to drive (in the 1970’s) I attended my first rock show. Finally,  I was seeing mineral specimens like those in the books. And, offering a rock dealer all I had in my wallet (half what he was asking) for a Illinois Fluorite, I walked away with a nice (but heavily fracture) Fluorite specimen.

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