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USA Zoos - Binder Park Zoo, Battle Creek, MI
By Jerrold VanNocker
World class with out over stressing the visitor.

A relatively young Zoo (opened in 1977), the Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek provides an exceptional zoo experience without over taxing the visitor. From its start this zoo has aspired to create a venue where visitors could view animals in natural settings. Take a walk down one of its shady paths and you will find animals in among trees, meadows and ponds. Paths have been ideally situated so visitors are able to view the animals with minimal obstruction while at the same time allowing the animals opportunities for seclusion.

Ideally located on a diverse landscape of undulating glacier moraines and scenic wetlands a visitor can view all areas of the park in a fast 3, or a leisurely, 5 hours.

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view from the zoo's ranger station

Obtain closer views of the animals in the Savanna by going to the Ranger Station. The Ranger Station is included in the fictional Zuri National Park.

Its about quality not quantity
I believe Binder Park Zoo's finest achievement, to date, is its Wild Africa exhibit. To view this section of the park you board a free tram (just follow the signs pointing to Wild Africa). Besides providing you with transport to the Wild Africa exhibit the tram also creates a mental transition from the rest of the park into the zoo's fictional, African Zuri National Park. Exiting the tram you find yourself at an African styled village; food and trinkets are available here. The real show though is the animals. Cross over the plaza and take a few minutes to view the savanna. From the viewpoint of the village the savanna stretches for a good distance, here most of the animals will seem far away but do not worry, soon you will get that close up view. Currently around 13 different African species roam freely on this meadow. To get a closer look at the animals head towards the building labeled "Zuri National Park Entrance" and venture down to the Ranger Station where you can find the giraffe feeding station.

In the Wild Africa area of the park you will find a number of animals in addition to those on the savanna, including a band of Red-capped Mangabeys and an aviary.

In addtion to the Wild Africa exhibit the zoo houses a number of exotic animals, including a Chinese Red Panda, Snow Leopards and Cheetahs.

Visiting Tips :
  • Leave the best for last; while I have emphasized the Wild Africa habitat area of the zoo in this article, visit it after you have already taken in the rest of zoo.
  • The Swamp walk is a pleasant loop through a Michigan wetland but at this time there are no zoo animals after the Bald Eagle exhibit, just wild native animals.
  • For times and directions go to the Binder Park Zoo official website.

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